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Testing and evaluating net zero certification methodologies and standards for precincts

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In this research interventions take place across four key pathways. Certification is one of those pathways.

The net zero certification landscape is rapidly evolving to support net zero targets, regulations and policies in the built environment. There can be financial benefits also as developers strive for market leadership and recognition.

In the Australian urban development context, net zero is used to describe a voluntary commitment which may not be clearly defined, leading to confusion and even greenwashing. This can be minimised using a certification mechanism to calculate, verify and communicate a project or precinct’s net zero status.  It is a rapidly evolving space with revisions to existing carbon neutral and sustainability certifications for precincts under development locally and globally.

Our applied research, across multiple precincts and development types will help us understand the opportunities and challenges of existing certification schemes for improved transparency and credibility.

“Certification is an important part of the whole process of transition. Robust certification criteria in the early design phases can have a significant impact on the ability for developments to reach their net zero goals.”

Prof. Peter Newman
Professorial Lead Certification


Research papers, industry fact sheets, as well as events and podcasts will be available here as the project progresses.

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